Welcome to Newmarket SEO Company

Hi there, and welcome to The Newmarket SEO Page by Triple Agent Digital Media!

As a business owner, you know that the products and services you offer may be really good, but people aren’t going to magically just run up to you and buy them. The trouble is, they probably don’t even know you exist… and that’s because not enough work has been done to make you visible on Google.

Allow us to introduce you to Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a massive industry

How and why should you get positioned in organic, non-pay-per-click Google search results as a form of advertising?

Get a load of these facts:

See what you’re missing out on by not making yourself seen on Google? Tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of your potential customers are looking for businesses like yours on Google every day.

Therein lies the benefit of quality search engine optimization: you get to be positioned for those same search terms that your target audience is constantly looking at in your industry, so that they don’t go to your competitors instead. Done properly, SEO can introduce a constant stream of new business to you, helping you monetize your advantages efficiently. Google visibility will allow more people to come in and click to your site, become your customers… and hence, bring in more revenue!

We’re an SEO company based out of Newmarket, Canada, and we’re a proud member of the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce. We help fellow Newmarket business owners like YOU get to those coveted, competitive spots on Google using organic SEO. You can find us on https://tripleagentdigitalmedia.com/newmarket-seo/

Not only do we help you target which search terms people type in the most for your niche: we also help you broadly target as many buyer intents as possible, and laser-focus you on specific queries. Consider, for instance, what questions they’re asking to look for a business. Siri, Google – you name it. Our Newmarket SEO services will cover all those bases.

What does Triple Agent Digital Media Newmarket SEO offer?

  • We’re informed about the latest changes to Google’s algorithm. The SEO tools and tactics we use are the most up-to-date and current available.
  • Prices are based on your level of keyword competition, your target location, and how aggressively you want your site to be ranked.
  • We use safe, ethical SEO strategies that follow Google’s terms, keyword-optimizing and driving traffic to your website while maintaining a great user experience for your customers, and helping to ensure long-term results.
  • We interview every client before working with them to find out their current business situation and where they need help with their SEO. This allows our campaigns to be individualized, ensuring the most suitable work possible is done for you.
  • NEW! Advanced Google My Business (GMB) & Google Maps search optimization for local businesses. This helps customers in or near your city to easily find you, contact you and get directions to you, wherever they look on Google. We use exclusive, little-known strategies to push your listing into the Top 3 Google Maps Listings which are visible in search results. We apply them ourselves by testing and collaborating with other SEO testers. Hence, when we’re working with you, we apply the VERY SAME strategies that we use to rank our own sites – the ones that are working right now!
  • Advanced Social Branding: Google gives priority to websites that belong to real, credible businesses. They can tell legitimate businesses apart from others using one big thing: Prominence. This means the scope of a business’s Internet presence, primarily the variety of social media sites that it’s on. We solidify your branding by creating 100+ optimized profiles on the biggest, most high-authority social websites for you, so you can dominate page 1 of searches for your brand name.
  • All work is done in-house by our team.
  • Month-to-month payment plans. If you’re paying for results and we don’t deliver, why stick with us?
  • From time to time, we run irresistible offers and discounts for SEO packages.

And those just scratch the surface. Visit our Newmarket SEO page for more details.